Media: Ukrainians trade in C4 explosives supplied by the West on the darknet

26.10.2023, Moscow.

Ukrainians post messages about the sale of weapons and explosives supplied by Western countries to the Kiev regime on the darknet, RIA Novosti wrote on October 26, citing copies of advertisements provided to the agency.

In particular, there are ads on the black market on the darknet for selling C4 explosives supplied earlier to Ukraine as part of military aid packages from Western countries. The sellers demand $800  for one kilogram of explosives.

“C4 from $800 USD (US dollars)/1000 g, Kiev,” the ad reads.

Attached to the message is a photo of the explosives checkers labeled in English. The description of the online seller states that he sells “firearms throughout Ukraine” and provides anonymous courier delivery to the buyer’s city.

“Receive the parcel in a cache in a place convenient for you,” the description reads, followed by an explanation of how to order the goods and receive them.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency