The Essence of Time Movement (Russian: “Суть Времени”) is an international organization with headquarters in Moscow and departments in all of Russia, in countries of Europe, as well as in USA, Canada and China.

The Essence of Time Movement (EoT) was created in 2011 as a virtual club by the political analyst, philosopher and theater director Sergey Kurginyan. It has approximately ten thousand active members and approximately thirty thousand members of the virtual club. The number is constantly increasing.

The organization unites people of different views, from young to old, secular or religious (Christians, Muslims, followers of other religions). What unites us all is the affection to a New Red Project.

We see the RED PROJECT as the only possible solution to the existential problems of humanity in the 21st century. This doesn’t mean that the solution will manifest sooner or later by itself. We need to work hard for this to happen. We educate others, participate in discussions, publish our own weekly analytical newspaper. And of course, we hold demonstrations. Demonstrations continue to be as important and influential today as they were a hundred years ago.

As antifascists we cannot stay passive when we see fascism awaken yet again after lurking in the shadows for 70 years. Radical right parties in Western Europe, ethnic cleansing in the Near East, and now the bloody events in Ukraine – we will not permit to conceal or play down any of it. We will fight! We are fighting against fascism! No pasaran!

What is Humanism in the 21st Century?

How can humanity as a whole become more humane?

What kind of system is needed to make a future without war possible?

Goethe and Kant, Marx and Lenin, Fromm and Gramsci. We want to acquire this knowledge. This is why we read books, discuss them, organize seminars, write textbooks, publish analytical articles. We analyze facts and philosophical schools of thought, look at different historical events from different perspectives in the pursuit of knowledge that will help us fight.