Coronavirus – its goals, authors and, masters. Part IV

If you deprive the current health system of some doctors and hospitals to try to use them to combat COVID-19, the amount of care provided to people will obviously decrease.

Kurginyan stresses, before taking away a part of medical “resources” to fight against the new coronavirus danger, one should carefully calculate the potential risks of such redistribution. In order not to find out that due to the inaccessibility of the usual medical care from “ordinary” diseases, many more people will die than would have died due to coronavirus. But either this was not done, or those who talked about it, did not listen.

The only thing that could be opposed to the predatory system today, convinced Kurginyan, is the consolidated reaction of the medical community. Who sees that a crime is committed in coronavirus ecstasy (and the increase in the number of deaths not from “covid”, but from other diseases as a result of the partial refusal of the system to provide qualified medical care is a crime), and does not really prevent it.

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