What does the exoneration of a Nazi collaborator in the Czech Republic during Russia’s special operation mean?

It is impossible to deny that Jan Syrový’s exoneration during the Russian special operation is a symbolic action.

The anti-Soviet Czech Republic is over 30 years old. Why has the rehabilitation of General Jan Syrový, whose most memorable episode in his biography was shaking hands with Hitler in 1939, taken place now and what does it mean for Czech society?

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“Ukrainization” of Europe. Who and how desecrates Soviet monuments

The USA and NATO are funding and arming the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. The neo-Nazis who fled Ukraine are venting their anger on monuments to Soviet soldiers and officers (among whom there were certainly Ukrainians) in European countries. The baton has been picked up by local far-right forces.

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Revival of Fascism. Who and how desecrates Soviet monuments in Europe

It is impossible not to see the hand of the same master behind the same type of desecration of Soviet Army monuments.

The night after the start of Russia’s anti-fascist special operation in Ukraine, the world was divided into those who supported the fight against fascism and those who supported it in one way or another. It became obvious that the sluggish process of Nazification of Eastern Europe would go faster.

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