Hungarian Foreign Minister predicts Europe losing its position on the world stage due to crises

26.10.2023, Budapest.

Europe will definitely not be stronger than before because of a series of dangerous crises. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó stated this, the ministry’s press service informed on October 25.

The politician stated the dangerous situation in the issue of global security. The reason is the multiple crises, which have unpredictable consequences. But Sijjarto is sure that Europe will not be able to jump above the level of authority, which was before all the twists and turns.

“It is almost certain that Europe will not play a stronger role than before,” the minister said at a parliamentary session.

The manifestation of such crises was the collapse of the European Union’s GDP (China overtook the alliance, and the share of Europe’s GDP in the world fell from 22% to 17%). The politician also attributed the armed clash between Moscow and Kiev, Israel and Palestine to global conflicts.

Szijjártó also considered waves of hundreds of thousands of migrants, which filled Europe with the support of Brussels, as another threat. Hungary strongly opposes the creation of ghettos on the territory of the European Union and considers it a direct threat to security.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency