The Void by Arseniy Tarkovskiy (1967)

Today Russia celebrates birthday of Arseny Tarkovsky, the poet, who was one among the great constellation of 20th century Russian poets. He is also the father of Russian cinematography icon Andrey Tarkovsky.
This poem conveys to our readers a central theme of Russian culture, “The earthly things are not enough for a human being, who is born to be, not just to have.”

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That day when war at last was brought to end…

With this poem by Aleksandr Tvardovsky, we congratulate the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and the servicemen of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Russian Federation, and all the people of the world with the upcoming Day of the Great Victory over fascism. Aleksandr Tvardovsky was a famous Soviet poet and writer. During the Great Patriotic War, he served as a war correspondent. His poems about the Great Patriotic War are deeply lyrical, and, at the same time, passionate. These poems, glorifying the heroic deeds of ordinary Soviet soldiers and the Red Army as a whole, have an unbelievable power to create a link between the dead and the living, between the generations, and to exhort the people to struggle for their ideas and ideals.

That day when war at last was brought to end,
And all the barrels shot for celebration
There was one minute in that hour that led
Our souls to deep and profound meditation…

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