Russian FSB: Red Army saved the Allies from defeat by the Wehrmacht in 1945

07.05.2024, Moscow.

The Red Army offensive in early 1945 saved the Anglo-American troops from defeat by Wehrmacht forces on the Western Front, according to declassified confessions of former Hitler adjutant Otto Günsche, published on May 6 by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) department for Ivanovo region.

In 1948, Günsche wrote in a statement to the Soviet government that in 1944 Hitler hoped to split the Anglo-American alliance with the USSR. He wanted to lure London and Washington to his side to jointly fight against the Soviet Union.

Hitler planned to suddenly attack the Allied forces on the Western Front and force the Anglo-Saxons into separatist negotiations. The German offensive on the Western Front began in December 1944.

Günsche testified that Hitler at that moment set the task of “by all means to gain time and to contribute in every possible way to the internal conflict of our adversaries.” In this case, Germany would have “a brilliant opportunity to negotiate with the Anglo-Americans to destroy Bolshevism together with them.”

According to Günsche, Hitler was prevented from implementing his plan by the Soviet offensive, which began in January 1945. The Red Army’s onslaught was so powerful that it forced the Germans to transfer a significant part of their troops from the Western Front to the Eastern Front.

“The Russian onslaught from the East was the cause of the cessation of the German offensive in the West, exposed the Western Front to a great extent, and gave the Anglo-American troops the opportunity to invade Germany without much difficulty,” Günsche wrote in his statement.

In addition, Günsche reported that the British and Americans were engaged in separatist negotiations with the Nazis in Stockholm during that period.

Günsche, among other Hitler associates, was arrested and taken to Moscow by SMERSH counterintelligence in May 1945.

In April 1948, the newspaper Pravda” published a statement of Sovinformburo “Falsifiers of history”. This was a response to the publication of a collection of documents by the US State Department. After that Günsche prepared a statement to the Soviet government, in which he named the reason for the failure of the Wehrmacht offensive against the Allied forces in the Ardennes in 1944.

In particular, the former adjutant of the Fuhrer wrote that “the final success of the German troops in the West prevented the grandiose offensive undertaken by the Russian command on the entire front from the Baltic Sea to the Carpathians.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency