Essence of Time. Chapter 24

Major challenges exist. They are formidable, unambiguous, and obvious. The consciousness mobilizes quickly against them.

There are also challenges of a diffuse kind. Some diseases are like this… For example, multiple sclerosis. These challenges are like dots on a certain board: one square has one figure, and another square has a different one. The squares are ambiguous, and so are the pieces… and all you need is for a certain composition to take shape. The very moment when that composition finally takes shape, you die. But before the composition takes shape, nothing happens. That is the danger.

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Essence of Time. Volume II

The translation of the ten chapters from Volume II of the book Essence of Time is published. Each one of the chapters contains Sergey Kurginyan’s thoughts about the essence of our time, about its metaphysics, its dialectics, and their reflection in the key aspects of relevant Russian and global politics. The central theme of the series is the search for paths and mechanisms to escape the systemic and global dead end for all humanity in all of its dimensions: from the metaphysical to the gnoseological, ethical, and anthropological. Thus, to escape the sociopolitical, technological, and economical dead end.

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Essence of Time. Chapter 15

Modernity voiced its main thesis: life is hopeless. You want to believe in something? Fine, that’s your own private business. But we (Modernity) are building everything on the basis of inconsolability. We all live and die here. Our fate is death!

The Russians ask (and now, the whole world with them, for this inconsolability managed to live for a century, but then everything stopped), “Why then? Why do we need all these riches if we are all going to die? Why do we need all this?”

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Essence of Time. Chapter 14

The de-Stalinizers looked pale, very sad and depressed, precisely because they knew perfectly well that I was not lying. I am not bluffing, I do not create myths, I am not engaging in manipulating consciousness – I want to know the state of affairs in our society. And not just myself alone, but all those who joined this poll. And we found out. This is the most objective data to be obtained over many, many years.

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