Ukraine recognizes mentally ill persons fit for military service

03.05.2024, Kiev.

People with mild mental disorders are fit for military service. The Ukrainian Defence Ministry published the corresponding law on May 3.

It is noted that severe and moderate forms of mental disorders are still unfit for service, but this does not apply to mild forms of mental illnesses.

“[People with] mild mental manifestations fit for service in military support units, territorial centers, training centers, institutions, medical units, logistics, communications, operational support, security units,” the statement reads.

Cancer patients with inoperable metastases are also ineligible for service. The rest are considered fit for service in training centers or support units.

In early April, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy abolished the status of “restricted fit”. Also, men with the second and third disability groups must reconfirm their diagnosis.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency