Ukrainians Continue the Pogroms their Forefathers Began

As Russian forces exit Kherson the hunting down and lawless persecution of “Russian Supporters” begins once again. Photos of men, women and children being bound to poles and beaten or worse abound, reports of 39 pro-Russian activists being shot and another 74 taken away to unknown destinations are presented by multiple outlets, this punctuated with the outright and continued lies presented by the Ukrainian government who provided a footage of a number of dead Russian soldiers that they claimed were killed by an artillery strike was shortly thereafter proven to have been staged, via video evidence it was shown that these POW’s were shot at point blank range in the head.

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Ethiopia comes to a peace agreement after two years of civil war

At the 20th CPC Congress, Beijing made a claim to form an alternative center of power to the West, calling on developing countries to unite with China to counter Western hegemony

Negotiations between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) party in Pretoria ended on November 2 with a peace agreement involving a cessation of hostilities and the militants’ disarmament.

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November 7 photo report from the city of three revolutions

The Russian authorities canceled the holiday on November 7, making it a working day, and communist organizations were forced to hold their events in the evening. However, no one can cancel the very fact and memory of the Great October Socialist Revolution. And so, despite the working day, flowers were lying in front of places of remembrance associated with the revolution.

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Assassination attempt on Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan and its consequences

It is already clear that the attempted assassination did not scare Imran Khan, but only raised the stakes even higher in the political struggle.

The attempted assassination of Pakistan’s opposition leader Imran Khan has sharply escalated the already deep political crisis into which the country has been plunged over the past seven months since he was deposed as prime minister.

The attack on the leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice (PTI) came during one of the stops of a mass protest march he led that was heading toward the national capital.

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Jamie Raskin, Left Wing Extremist? Self-Serving Politician? or Both?

It was widely reported that US congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland’s 8th congressional district has made inflammatory statements about Russia and that the need to end peace talks and continue, and enhance, the sending of funds and weaponry to the Ukraine. Even going so far as to not rule out the use of tactical nuclear arms. Many quoted a Tucker Carlson statement that Raskin had stated:

“Russia is an orthodox Christian country with traditional social values and for that reason it must be destroyed no matter what the cost to us. So, this is not a conventional war, this is a jihad.”

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Gepards sent to Ukraine with a “humanitarian mission” turned out to be useless

The first Gepards [self-propelled anti-aircraft guns] from Germany arrived in Ukraine at last – Scholz said and Scholz did. The German chancellor is a serious politician after all, even before the start of the special operation in Ukraine he slammed his fist on Putin’s desk in the Kremlin and after February 24 he announced the U-turn of German politics.

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