Ukrainian militant speaks about the danger of capturing Chasov Yar by Russian army

29.04.2024, Kiev.

If the Russian army captures Chasov Yar, it can develop its offensive more actively, the Ukrainian commander, Mikhail Onufer, said, as quoted by the Ukrainian Strana news platform on April 29.

“Having captured this height, the enemy will be able to attack from it. Will pull closer their anti-aircraft systems, can camouflage equipment between houses, there is a high-rise building, and we, on the contrary, will be forced to pull back our artillery. Chasov Yar will become their starting point for an offensive on Konstantinovka,” he said.

The Ukrainian commander specified that if the Russian army captures Chasov Yar, the battles will become positional, which is extremely dangerous for the Ukrainian armed units, which is unable to hold on in the villages, where there are no multy-storey buildings where it is possible to successfully defend.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Aleksandr Syrsky spoke about the difficult situation for the Ukrainian militants on the front. According to him, Russia has a big advantage and attacks along the entire front, which leads to tactical successes. The most dangerous situation is in the direction of Ivanovskoye and Chasov Yar along the Kramatorsk direction in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The situation is also critical for the Ukrainian armed units in the Krasnoarmeysk (formerly Pokrovsk) and Kurakhovo directions, the general said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency