Book about the falsity of Western pro-Ukrainian propaganda presented in France

30.05.2023, Paris.

The presentation of the book of Belgian journalist and writer Michel Collon, which exposes the falsity of the Western information campaign in support of Ukraine, was held in Paris on May 29, according to a Rossa Primavera News Agency‘s correspondent.

The book Ukraine. The War of Images. 50 examples of disinformation (Ukraine. La guerre des images. 50 exemples de désinformation) was presented in the Librairie Tropiques bookstore in Paris as part of Michel Collon’s tour covering three French-speaking European countries – France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The book details numerous cases of misinformation by the Western media with photos and videos taken out of context, filmed at a different time and place or with meaning-changing commentary. The examples are accompanied by an analysis of each information forgery regarding its purpose and technique.

During the presentation, Michel Collon stated that “Contemporary Western propaganda continues the line coming from Colin Powell’s notorious vial through all the accusations against Libya, Syria and other countries of alleged civilian murders, use of chemical weapons, genocide, etc. However, the level of deception since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis is breaking all records.”

According to the author, his goal was not only to expose disinformation but also to create material of an educational nature. The book was designed to help people notice information frauds and learn to decipher them on their own. In addition, it provides tips on how to conduct fact-based discussions and ask the right questions.

Michel Collon also said he plans to prepare a Russian translation of the book.

Michel Collon is the founder of Investig’Action, an alternative information platform that has existed since 2004. The group brings together journalists, writers, cameramen, translators, and designers who create independent information and intellectual products, such as books, videos, reports, analytical articles, lectures, etc.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency