German political scientist: Protocols on COVID-19 show science to be the handmaiden of politics

18.04.2024, Berlin.

The protocols related to the Robert Koch Institute revealed the truth about the political pressure on scientists’ actions and statements regarding the COVID-19 virus outbreak, German political scientist Wolfgang Effenberger wrote in his article for Berlin 24/7  on April 14.

“The declassified protocols on the coronavirus expose science as the handmaiden of an unhealthy political system,” he wrote in his article titled “The irresponsible actions of the political elite.” Effenberger considers the most revealing fact described in the protocols to be the change in the March 17, 2020 infection risk assessment from “medium” to “high,” made by scientists under pressure from the authorities.

Specifically, in the text of the protocols, the name of the person who influenced the change of the assessment and its publication is concealed. “One might wonder: was it Angela Merkel or the influential Bundeswehr general Hans-Ulrich Holtherm?” Effenberger writes.

In March 2024, the German Ministry of Health published the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) protocols on coronavirus infection by court order. Over 2,000 pages of documents were published by the online publication Multipolar.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency