Putin says Europe’s “tragedy” is linked to its dependence on the USA

17.11.2023, Saint Petersburg.

The dependence of European elites on the United States has led to their failure to protect the national interests of their states, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on November 17 at the Forum of United Cultures in St. Petersburg.

The authorities of European countries have now “lost their sense of national identity,” the Russian president believes. In his opinion, this is due to the influence of “the countries of … North America”.

Thus, the United States “does not give them [European elites] the opportunity to implement the main thing for which their people elected them,” namely, to protect “the interests of their own countries and peoples.”

Putin cited the example of US legislation, which from time to time is replenished with such documents that “attract” the entire European industry – from enterprises to entire branches – to the USA.

The Russian president noted that those opposing such dependence are criticized because “they do not hold some common line.”

“This is the tragedy of Europe today,” Putin concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency