Maduro speaks about historical opportunity of emergence of a multipolar world

09.09.2023, Caracas.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said that the historic opportunity related to the emergence of a multipolar world without hegemonic countries opened before the world, Últimas Noticias wrote on September 8.

On the eve of his official visit to China, Venezuela’s leader gave an interview to Xinhua agency.

Maduro recalled that throughout history, development has changed from one empire to another, from one colonialism to another. “It is now, in the 21st century, after so many centuries of struggle of peoples, that we see on the horizon a humanity without imperialism and colonialism,” he said.

The Venezuelan president noted that there are many developing countries that are helping “humanity to reunite, to realize its right to social happiness, equality, freedom, democracy, and China is at the forefront of building this new world.”

Maduro declared Venezuela’s willingness to join the BRICS group, a structure that he believes is emerging “as the main engine for accelerating the birth of a new world, a world of cooperation in which the Global South will be paramount.”

“The BRICS countries are accelerating the de-dollarization of the world and the emergence of a new international financial system and a new just economic order, for which humanity has been struggling for years, decades and centuries,” he said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is expected in China on a visit to strengthen bilateral relations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency