Kurginyan: There is no place for Russia, Belarus, and Serbia in the forming world

03.05.2024, Moscow.

Russia, Belarus, and Serbia have no place in the world order that is being formed, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on April 10 on the program Objectively on Belarusian channel ONT.

The world that is being formed offers no place to our states. Do you understand? No place at all! Many people today, including our Russian officials, say that ‘we will fight for a place in the mega-trend,’ but there is no place in this mega-trend!” the political scientist stressed, and he added that all the geopolitics is secondary and subordinate to this mega-trend.

According to Kurginyan, until we come to the understanding of this situation, the internal mobilization of the peoples will always remain lower than necessary to overcome the future difficulties. He noted that the only way for our states to hold out is to change the mega-trend. However, it is extremely difficult for our elites to accept this fact as “just yesterday they believed that they would integrate into Europe, and they did everything they could to ensure such integration (the well-known Andropov – Kuusinen plan ‘Europe now!’ etc.)”

What it becomes clear that there is no place at all, even those politicians who were ready to lick the boots of this Europe forever to integrate into it as semi-colonies become astonished,” Kurginyan said.

Everything that is happening to the Serbian leader is exactly this phenomenon. The same as Yeltsin had in his late period as well as Putin since 2008. This is the phenomenon of sudden astonishing understanding that the world we sought to become part of only needs the dead bodies of our states and peoples. They do not need our countries and people in any way, even as colonies,” the political scientist explained.

According to him, the elite of the KGB was obsessed with the idea of integration into Europe, and if it had a chance it was ready to do so even under tough requirements of the European “masters.” “And they would have suppressed everything here in a way that anyone daring to speak against this integration would have been claimed enemy the same way as it happened to those who opposed on the Covid issue, and even tougher than that. But it turned out there is no place there,” Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency