Relatives of Colombian mercenaries killed in Ukraine cannot return their bodies

24.04.2024, Moscow.

The relatives of the Colombian mercenaries killed in Ukraine shared the difficulties they faced trying to return their bodies, RIA Novosti wrote on April 23.

After the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, mercenaries from many countries went to Ukraine, lured by big money. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed their presence in the zone of Russia’s special military operation. More than once, the ministry’s reports indicated the elimination of one or another number of mercenaries.

The stories of the relatives of the Colombian mercenaries only confirmed that their loved ones went to fight in Ukraine in the hope of making a lot of money. Now the families cannot even return their bodies to their homeland.

The cousin of former Colombian army professional Harrison Astudillo said that the latter, having served in the Ukrainian army for a year and three months, died in March 2024. The main motive for him to participate in this war was money.

“I think that most of all, [he was provoked by] the economic situation in the country. Most people who go there do so because of economic reasons,” shared the brother of the deceased. According to local media, many former military and police officers in Colombia have fallen for the same “gold” bait.

Laura’s husband (name changed) found himself in the same situation. “He was blinded by a salary of 15-20 million pesos ($500,000) a month,” the widow believes.

Astudillo’s family has not yet brought his body back. “They have not been able to claim his body, they are doing everything they can, it’s already like some kind of battle,” his cousin reported.

Laura was luckier; she managed to get her husband’s body. “But many families have their relatives missing,” the woman pointed out.

Earlier, the Russian Defense  Ministry informed that by March 2024, 13,387 foreign mercenaries had arrived in Ukraine to fight on the side of the Kiev regime during Russia’s special military operation. The ministry is aware of the destruction of 5962 “soldiers of fortune.”

Most of the “soldiers of fortune” who died in Ukraine were mercenaries from Poland: 1,497 of the 2,960 mercenaries were killed. Georgia lost 561 out of 1042 mercenaries killed. Of the 1113 people who arrived from the United States, 491 have already been killed.

The losses of Canadian mercenaries amounted to 422 out of 1005, British – 360 out of 822, Romanian – 349 out of 784. Of the 235 mercenaries arriving from Germany, 88 have been eliminated, the ministry specified.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency