German politician urges Ukrainian refugees to get a job

15.04.2023, Leipzig.

Henry Graichen, president of the Union of Saxon Local Authorities and head of the district administration of Leipzig, urged Ukrainian refugees to find a job, BILD wrote on April 15.

According to the politician, refugees must work to integrate into European society more successfully.

Graichen believes that because of the high unemployment payments, most Ukrainians have the wrong incentives, so they do not even think about getting a job.

“The amount of standard unemployment payment in Germany, is €502 per adult, a family with two children receives at least €1,598 per month, and the minimum wage in low-paying jobs is €520,” he resented.

65 187 Ukrainian refugees were reported in Saxony. Of these, 6,500 are officially employed, almost 35,000 receive unemployment payment, the rest are pensioners, students, the self-employed, and those who do not need financial support from the state.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency