German officials think how to send Ukrainian men to fight in the ranks of Ukrainian armed units

06.05.2024, Wiesbaden.

The leadership of the Interior Ministry of the State of Hesse in Germany will assist in the enlistment in the Ukrainian armed units, ARD TV channel reports on May 5.

The head of the Hesse Interior Ministry, Roman Poseck, said during an interview with the German ARD TV channel that his agency was ready to help find and enlist Ukrainian men in the Ukrainian armed units.

According to Poseck, Ukraine can count on men who have escaped abroad and who can be used in the war against Russia.

The Interior Ministry of the State of Hesse will “assist in ensuring this.” Roman Poseck is a member of the Christian Democratic Union party.

At the same time, there is uncertainty in Germany over the issue of assistance to the Ukrainian armed units by sending Ukrainian men to fight for the Kiev regime and the status of Germany itself as an asylum provider.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency