Austrian colonel predicts the imminent fall of Artemovsk

07.03.2023, Vienna

The takeover of Artemovsk [Bakhmut] by Russian troops is almost completed, while the Ukrainian army is leaving the city, Colonel Markus Reisner, commander of the Austrian Armed Forces, said on March 7 in a commentary to the RND portal.

The military commander noted that Russian troops already controlled almost all the main roads, so the Ukrainian military had only to withdraw its units from Artemovsk through rugged terrain to the west of the city.

“The city will fall soon. Masses of Ukrainian soldiers have already withdrawn from the city. The retreat already began two weeks ago,” the colonel said.

He also noted that the Russian army’s consistent pressure on Artemovsk broke Ukraine’s fall plans to launch an offensive near Melitopol.

The colonel noted that Ukraine’s offensive capabilities had been significantly limited recently.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency