The Council of the Russian Federation explains when the USA will allow negotiations on Ukraine

05.05.2024, Moscow.

The United States may agree to talks between Ukraine and Russia only if there is a complete collapse of the front and a catastrophic situation for the AFU, the head of the Security Council’s commission on information policy and media relations, Aleksey Pushkov, said in his Telegram account on May 5.

Pushkov assessed the statement of the US President’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan about the planned major counter-offensive of the AFU in 2025 and shared his thoughts on the matter.

Contrary to speculation about the West’s ‘willingness to negotiate,’ there is no real intention of that kind. The US can give the go-ahead for talks only in the case of a complete collapse of the front and a catastrophic scenario for Kiev,” the senator said.

In addition, he drew attention to the fact that the statement voiced by Sullivan is a pre-election statement. Thanks to this statement, the voter should believe that the administration of US President Joe Biden has a strategy in Ukraine, the positive results of which will become visible in 2025.

Also, the US plan that the advisor talked about does not take into account the fact that the Russian army is increasing its strength and will prevent the AFU from launching a counter-offensive. The very course of military operations refutes the main theses of the US plan – that the AFU first in 2024 to hold positions, and then in 2025 to go on a counteroffensive.

And one last thing: in 2025, Biden may no longer be in the White House. And then a lot of things will change,” Pushkov added.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency