Vucic says Serbia wants to join EU, not BRICS

30.04.2024, Belgrade.

Serbia will continue on its European path, Aleksandar Vucic said at a briefing on April 30.

The politician was asked to comment on the conclusions of the American Enterprise Institute expert Ivana Stradner. She said that Belgrade dreams of abandoning European integration for the sake of BRICS.

“How does she know what I’m thinking? Did they put some kind of chip in me and now they are busy reading my thoughts, what I dream about and what I think,” the president reacted.

Vucic emphasized that he respects BRICS, but Serbia will not be pushed off the path of European integration.

The media reported that the EU demanded Serbia to normalize relations with the unrecognized Kosovo to join the union.

In September 2023, Vucic completely ruled out the possibility of Belgrade recognizing Kosovo.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency