Czech Ministry of Defense: War between NATO and Russia in Europe is possible

21.02.2023, Prague.

A war in Europe between NATO and Russia is possible, and the Czech Republic should start preparing for it now. The Chief of the Czech General Staff Karel Rechka said this at a command meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Prague on February 21, Českých noviny reports.

If a conflict broke out between NATO and Russia, the Czech Republic would be an active participant from the first minute, Rechka said. “A large part of our army would go to war in accordance with the defense plans of the alliance. Our territory would become an important transit zone and base.”

Three decades of peace and security is more of an anomaly than the rule in modern history, Rzechka added. “We should not take it for granted. We must actively support and defend our way of life, or we will lose it. War in Europe is not unthinkable, and we will not have time to prepare for it unless we start preparing for war now,” he said.

The Czech Republic actively supports the nationalist regime in Kiev, including deliveries of heavy weapons. Ukraine also repairs damaged military equipment at Czech state-owned enterprises.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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