Kurginyan: Those connected with traitors must not be recognized as ideologists

02.05.2024, Aleksandrovskoye.

Russia today strongly needs ideological caution, because many political actors presented as patriotic were associated with our country’s enemies, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on April 20 in his original broadcast Destiny.

The political scientist reminded that philosopher Ivan Ilyin in emigration was associated with the “Russian All-Military Union” (Russian: ROVS), which closely collaborated with the Nazis and other enemies of Russia.

And how was this ROVS etc. associated with the People’s Labor Union (Russian: NTS)?” Kurginyan wondered. To paraphrase a well-known statement, he noted that “they came out of Wrangel’s overcoat.”

The political scientist noted that after the Special Military Operation began, President Vladimir Putin said that his views Vlasov’s Nazis’ will be extremely bad. Kurginyan indicated that the Special Operation “is essentially an existential extremely large-scale war with the actual evil force named the West.”

So my question is, what was the People’s Labor Union’s attitude to general Vlasov? This chain: ROVS, NTS, general Vlasov – did I make it up?” the leader of the Essence of Time movement asked.

After the Soviet Union collapsed and all this anti-Soviet eclecticism formed, be it the liberals of absolutely different forces, did this People’s Labor Union not become part of this post-Soviet suspension?” the political scientist continued his questions.

Kurginyan also wondered whether inside NTS no “quite influential members of our elite” appeared. They showed no discontent about the Union’s judgment of Vlasov’s role and at the same time they were integrated in various political forces. This behavior “is really typical of the People’s Labor Union, which believes that it must be involved in all forces,” the analyst stressed.

Don’t I know who Valery Senderov was, a high-ranking NTS official? Do I not know that far from everyone of them came out of the underground after the collapse of the Soviet Union?” Kurginyan noted.

The political scientist stressed that it is unclear how many members of this underground are now in the “Russian Volunteer Corps” (organization banned in Russia) and with whom of those who stay in Russia they communicate.

According to Kurginyan, it is obvious how grateful Spanish fascist dictator Franco was to Russian volunteers who fought for him in the Spanish civil war against the Reds. The political scientist reminded that these white forces collaborated with the Finnish leader Gustaf Mannerheim against the Red Army.

Finally, what is general Vlasov? He is a high traitor, isn’t he? This is of special importance now. This means only one thing: in our current situation we need an extreme ideological caution,” Kurginyan stressed.

Valery Senderov was Russian mathematician, publicist, and dissident. In late 1970s he joined the “People’s Labor Union of Russian Solidarists.” He was convicted for anti-Soviet agitation. He was released on parole during perestroika.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency