Kurginyan: West gives green light to international neo-Nazi movement

02.05.2024, Minsk.

The West uses international neo-Nazi structures to destabilize the situation in various regions, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and analyst Sergey Kurginyan said on April 8 on Belarusian channel BelTA.

At the program, it was discussed how tension will be escalated in Belarus. The host noted that local radicals are involved in this process, but “trained NATO soldiers, including e.g. Poles and Lithuanians, enter under their flags.”

Kurginyan suggested that the situation should be considered at the level of meanings, which determines economy, army, security services, and everything else. From this point of view, the most important question is whether a European war will happen.

So, you are asking what we have to prepare for. Indeed, for what? Will we have to suppress 40 conflicts in various spots? Or do we need to prepare for a certain system unfolding?” the political scientist said.

Kurginyan noted that “local outcasts” will be involved in the escalation of a conflict in Belarus. But they will not play the key role.

Yes, of course, the ‘great Belarusian democracy fighting Lukashenko’s tyranny’ will consist of some Lithuanians, some Poles, Ukrainians, and local outcasts. The local outcasts will not dominate, they will follow behind and wave their flags. That’s it!” the leader of Essence of Time stressed.

Kurginyan drew a parallel with the “Russian Volunteer Corps” (organization banned in Russia), which is not at all Russian as it involves international neo-Nazi structures.

All these sectors of neo-Nazism, are they Russian? The idea is that the first echelon of it will be the international neo-Nazi movement, which has been given the green light,” the leader of Essence of Time noted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency