El Pais: “Isolation” of Russia takes place in the West only

18.08.2022, Madrid.

Alleged “isolation” of Russia can only be true for the West, the El Pais Spanish newspaper wrote on August 18 on its website.

The newspaper stressed that no signs of “isolation” took place in the other parts of the globe. Most Arab governments have taken an ambiguous stance regarding the Ukrainian events. This is true even for USA’s traditional allies.

The Arab states behave indifferently, and polls indicate that most of the respondents in these countries have taken neither Russian nor Ukrainian side.

Also, every fourth respondent blamed NATO for the conflict in Ukraine. According to experts, a number of the Arab countries began to drift towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization fearing that their assets in the West could be frozen if the USA “is unhappy” with their policy.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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