Communist Party of Ukraine has accused SBU of libel

Communist Party of Ukraine has stated that the attempt to accuse the representatives of the branch of the party in Odessa region of preparing a series of acts of sabotage, terrorist attacks and assassinations spread by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is slander.

The SBU information regarding the detention of a terrorist group, which allegedly included members of the Communist Party of Ukraine is a cynical and blatant lie. This lie is spread directly at the direction and with the filing of the Ministry of Justice, directorate of the SBU and the president’s administration to put pressure on the judges during the proceedings to ban Communist Party of Ukraine in Kiev administrative Court on September 18,“- the statement on the website of the Communist Party says.

The Communists also state that they will take all possible measures in order for those who ordered and executed the criminal orders – those who fabricated the cases and forged the evidence against the Communists – to be punished according to the law – in the international court, if not in Ukraine.


Source: RIA Novosti

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