Germany tests a laser system for countering drones

22.09.2023, Berlin.

Germany has completed almost a year-long test of a laser unit for countering drones, defense group Rheinmetall said on September 22.

It is noted that the tests took place on board the German frigate Sachsen in the high seas.

According to the enterprise, a total of 100 tests were carried out, during which scientists proved the effectiveness of the installation.

“The tests proved that the laser is able to successfully hit targets at sea,” the release reads.

It is also noted that the tests included target detection, escort, interaction of control systems, target engagement.

Rheinmetall added that the system “may be upgraded in the future to defeat supersonic missiles, as well as mortar and artillery shells.”

The first successful test was reported on October 27, 2022. MBDA Germany and Rheinmetall have been working on the project since mid-2020.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency