Son of anti-fascists comments on the ban on the display of USSR flag on May 9 in Berlin

08.05.2024, Berlin.

Banning the display of the flag of the liberation warriors at Soviet memorials is tantamount to siding with fascism, said Gerhard Langguth, son of anti-fascists and a relative of Ferdinand Lassalle – founder of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) – Berliner Zeitung informed on May 8.

In his letter addressed to Iris Spranger, Minister of the Interior in the Berlin state government, he states that “According to the general order, on the day of liberation from German fascism, it is forbidden under threat of punishment to display the flag of the victor in the battle against German fascism – the USSR. But those who forbid the flag of the victor, sides with the loser, i.e. Hitler’s fascism.”

According to Langguth, this ban contradicts Germany’s constitution and the Spranger oath.

“The Soviet song ‘Holy War’ is also clearly aimed at fighting fascism and should therefore not be banned. Achieve the immediate repeal of this inglorious general decree,” Langguth demanded.

Berlin police imposed a ban on the laying of Soviet and Russian symbols, including St. George ribbons, at Soviet memorials in and around Berlin on the anniversary of the victory over Hitler’s Germany on May 8 and 9. The ban applies to wearing military uniforms, singing and playing military songs and marches, and displaying the “Z” and “V” symbols.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency