Legionellosis outbreak strikes two battalions of Ukrainians

03.09.2023, Kharkov.

Two battalions of Ukraine’s army had to be hospitalized due to an outbreak of legionellosis in Kharkov, the Ukraina.ru news and analysis website reported on 3 September.

According to the resource, the infectious disease was detected among soldiers of the 14th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian army. It is reported that the command tried to hide the epidemic.

Two rifle battalions of the 14th separate mechanized brigade were taken to the infectious disease departments of Kharkov hospitals on September 3.

According to media reports, according to preliminary information, the servicemen admitted to medical facilities may number up to a thousand.

It is reported that the remnants of the 32nd separate mechanized brigade will be distributed to their combat positions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency