Panama and Costa Rica seek ways to contain the migration crisis

03.09.2023, Costa Rica.

A delegation of Costa Rican ministers participated in a meeting in Panama to address the migration crisis, Panamanian authorities said, La Estrella De Panama reported on September 2.

The ministerial meeting was a continuation of the joint work that began in September 2022 between the presidents of Panama Lorantino Cortiso Cohen and Costa Rica Rodrigo Chavez to strengthen regional cooperation between the two countries.

It is reported that an average of about 3,000 migrants arrive daily in Paso Canoas to cross into Costa Rica and onwards to North America. The foreign and public security ministers of Panama and Costa Rica met in David, Chiriqui province, to discuss security, illegal migration and bilateral cooperation in the region.

At least six bilateral mechanisms were included in the common agenda in different areas such as partnership council, border borders, border security, scientific, technical, cultural and educational cooperation, labor migration and border development cooperation.

The event touched on the theme of security and highlighted the topic of illegal migration, human trafficking and organized crime.

Panama’s Minister of Public Security Juan Manuel Pino said, “We have worked together on joint initiatives to address these issues, such as information sharing, joint operations and training programs. This mutual cooperation is aimed at strengthening security in the region, reducing crime and promoting stability in our border areas.

The Costa Rican Foreign Minister emphasized the dialogue on migration flows and their appropriate handling, border posts and bilateral relations at the highest level.

Faced with a significant increase in the flow of people (3,000 people per day), Panama is promoting multilateral efforts by launching the campaign “Darien is not a route, it’s a jungle” aimed at curbing irregular migration and preventing migrants from becoming casualties of organized crime that deceives them and takes advantage of their status.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency