Ukrainian army complains about the incompetence of NATO instructors

03.09.2023, Kiev.

Ukrainian army soldiers complained about the non professionalism of NATO instructors, citing interviews of Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the Kharkov direction reports Kiev Independent on September 3.

Everything is not as you hear in daily briefings and read in the news,” one of the serviceman said, adding that Russian troops are superior to Ukrainian troops in experience, equipment and weapons.

According to the publication, infantrymen on the Kharkov section of the front were in Germany for three weeks for training according to NATO standards.

Another Ukrainian army soldier explained that NATO stipulates massive preparatory airstrikes, artillery barrages and demining before sending infantry into battle: “A NATO infantryman knows he is supported and can move forward with the confidence that there is a high probability that he will not be killed or maimed.

He emphasized that in Ukraine there is both a shortage of shells and problems with the air force, meaning that infantrymen lack cover for attacks.

Another of the servicemen noted that the style of fighting in the Ukrainian countryside combines the positional combat of the World War I with technologies and tactics of the modern century, but this is “outside NATO’s wheelhouse“.

Earlier, EU diplomatic chief Josep Borrell said that the EU intends to increase to 40,000 the number of Ukrainian military personnel it will train as part of a training mission by the end of 2023.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency