Nicaraguan president says US and NATO are trying to destroy Russia

02.08.2023, Managua.

The United States (US) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are trying to destroy Russia through the conflict in Ukraine, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said, TeleSUR informed on August 1.

“This is no longer a war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, it is a war of the imperialists of the Earth, led by NATO, the United States, trying to destroy the Russian Federation to establish themselves as masters of the planet,” Ortega said.

The Nicaraguan president stressed that the war is weakening the economy and social stability in the European countries themselves, as well as in the United States.

“There is no other alternative but peace. That is the only alternative also for NATO to leave and allow Russia and Ukraine to reach a peace agreement. Because Russia does not seek to invade and occupy Ukraine, that is not the purpose of the special operation announced by President Vladimir Putin,” he explained. The Nicaraguan president emphasized that the continuation of the confrontation jeopardizes the existence of humanity.

Daniel Ortega recalled that Russia claims the territories of Lugansk and Donetsk, where the Russian population lives, is persecuted and killed, and where the rules of “so-called democracy” were not observed [by the Kiev regime].

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency