Commander of tank crew that single-handedly attacked Ukrainian armored group: Other crews are even more awesome

02.08.2023, Moscow.

There are many skillful and talented military men among the Russian armed forces, said the commander of a tank with the call sign Laska, who single-handedly attacked an armored group of the Ukrainian armed units, the Telegram channel Heroes of Special Operation Z wrote on August 2.

According to him, not everything can be videotaped and shown to the public. However, if people saw how other Russian servicemen work, they would realize that there are even more awesome servicemen, Laska explained.

“You are the ones who have now seen that we are there – yes, cool, but you should see how others work,” he said in connection with the widely circulated drone video, which shows a tank under Laska’s command single-handedly stopping an armored group of two tanks and seven armored vehicles before being finished off with artillery and anti-tank systems.

“If you take and evaluate my work and the work of other crews – here’s even the 218th Regiment, the 114th one – I just envy the 60th Brigade. They are… even more awesome than we are,” the tank  crew commander added.

And this is their “normal work,” he emphasized.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency