Iranian Interior Minister names reason for hard landing of President Raisi’s helicopter

19.05.2024, Tehran.

The reason for the hard landing of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter was fog, IRNA reported according to Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi on May 19.

Due to bad weather and fog, the helicopter carrying the president was forced to make a hard landing,” the minister said.

He said rescue teams have moved to the crash site and are expected to arrive there soon. The Interior Minister said nothing about the president’s condition after the hard landing.

According to the Mehr agency, the head of Iran is fine, he is now being taken by car as part of the motorcade to Tabriz.

Earlier, Iranian news agencies reported about the hard landing of one of the three helicopters that make up the motorcade of the Iranian president. The President was on this helicopter. Also with him were the country’s foreign Minister Hosein Amir Abdulahian and the head of Friday prayers of Tabriz Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Al-i-Hashim.

According to Iranian media, President Raisi was on a visit to East Azerbaijan province in northwestern Iran. The hard landing occurred near the town of Verzegan near the border with Azerbaijan.

In addition, it was reported that heavy fog and terrain features prevented rescuers from reaching the scene.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency