Scientific research of the Russian Luna-25 lunar station will last one year

03.08.2023, Moscow.

A Russian lunar station will be sent to the Moon in August, RIA Novosti informed on August 3.

The launch of the Russian lunar station Luna-25 to the Earth’s natural satellite is scheduled for August 11 with a backup time of 2:35 a.m. Moscow time on August 12. The expected flight time is about 4.5 days. After the Luna-25 will enter the satellite’s orbit and land at the Moon’s South Pole.

The main tasks for the Russian lunar station are the development of soft landing technologies, research of the Moon’s internal structure and exploration of resources, including water. The duration of the mission will be one year.

Missions of the Luna-26 orbiter and the Luna-27 landing station, which will carry drilling equipment, are planned for 2027 and 2028.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency