Guinea authorities plan to restore old MiGs

10.07.2023, Moscow.

Guinean authorities are discussing the restoration and modernization of military equipment with Russian specialists, the Guinean ambassador to Moscow Nyankoi Aba said in an interview with RIA Novosti on July 10.

Guinea’s military fleet consists mainly of Soviet and Russian vehicles, many of which are outdated or out of service.

“There are MiG jets left in Guinea, we have discussed the possibility of restoring their operability, and Russian specialists have also come to the country to study the condition of the machines,” the diplomat said.

As of 2022, the number of land forces of Guinea was 8.5 thousand people: five infantry battalions, one tank battalion, special forces battalion, rangers, airmobile, presidential guard, reconnaissance-diversion and engineering battalions.

The armament includes: 30 T-34 tanks, eight T-54 and 15 PT-76 light tanks, 27 APCs (among which are BRMD-1, BRMD-2, BMP-1), and a fleet of 59 APCs, including six BTR-40, ten BTR-50, eight BTR-60, six BTR-152, etc.

The country’s Air Force has: three MiG-21s, two AH-2s and two Tetras; helicopters: four Mi-24s and two MD-500MDs, two Mi-17s, SA342K Gazelle and two transport helicopters – SA.330 Puma and AS.350B Ecuray.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency