Former NATO Secretary General considers it possible for Ukraine to join the alliance “in parts”

09.07.2023, Berlin.

Admission of only Western Ukraine to NATO is difficult to implement, but it is not impossible, former Alliance Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an interview published July 9 by the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland editorial association.

“Of course, it’s all complicated, and in the end, it depends on Ukraine’s decisions, but in any case it’s not impossible,” Rasmussen said.

According to him, Ukraine’s joining the alliance in parts could have a positive effect on the stability of all of Europe.

The former NATO head recalled that West Germany was admitted to the alliance in 1955. He noted that despite a large number of differences with the accession of parts of Germany “there may be parallels.”

Rasmussen explained that Article 5 of NATO could only act, for example, if there is an attack on those parts of Ukraine under Kiev’s jurisdiction. According to him, discussions are now underway about possible options for Ukraine’s admission to NATO.

On 8 July, The Daily Telegraph quoted its source in NATO as saying that at the summit in Vilnius, Berlin would oppose the immediate admission of Ukraine to NATO. The source pointed out that German representatives pointed out that this decision would lead to a war with Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency