Orban urges to prevent a Ukrainian counteroffensive

02.06.2023, Budapest.

Everything must be done to prevent a Ukrainian counteroffensive and move to peace talks, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Kossuth Radio on June 2.

“I think that everything must be done to convince the sides of the need for a cease-fire and peace talks even before the Ukrainian counteroffensive begins, otherwise we will lose many lives,” he said.

He warned that the Ukrainian armed units would suffer tremendous losses if a massive attack was launched.

Orban recalled that the attackers have three times as many combat losses as the defenders. And with such a population mismatch in Ukraine and Russia, “starting a big strategy is a bloodbath,” said Obran.

He pointed out that Russia’s population is 130-140 million, and Ukraine’s is 30-40 million.

Earlier, National Review expert Michael Brendan Doherty warned that the low morale of the Ukrainian armed units could derail a counteroffensive.

Kiev faced difficulties in mobilizing soldiers for the counteroffensive due to the loss of Artemovsk, the expert suggested. However, despite the difficult situation for Kiev, the West forces the Ukrainian armed units to launch a counteroffensive.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency