Kurginyan: Nationalists in Ukraine cannot build anything

02.06.2023, Moscow.

The Ukrainian nationalists cannot build a strong Ukraine; they behave as men suffering from dystrophy from a joke where they say they will go looking for women unless a strong wind happens, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on May 13 on the Right to Know program on TVC.

Answering a question regarding the relation between the objectives of the Ukrainian top military and political officials, who claim they will build an extremely powerful militarized Ukraine, and Russia’s objective to de-militarize Ukraine, Kurginyan recalled an incident from his youth. He told how he and his close friend, when they were first year students of the Institute for Geological Prospecting, celebrated their first section, and they drank a lot.

I am leading my friend, and he says, ‘You bastard, why are you looking at me? Can’t you see I am drunk? You will die now!‘ And he lifts his geological hammer against me. I let him go, and he falls hitting the wall. I take him up again, and he lifts his hammer against me again, the political scientist told.

According to Kurginyan this reminds him a joke about men suffering from dystrophy who said that they would go looking for women unless a strong wind happens.

I would understand some Ukrainian nationalist if they really built a strong Ukraine, but they are not building it, Kurginyan indicated.

They are like the men suffering from dystrophy saying that they will go looking for women unless a strong wind happens, he added.

The Ukrainian authorities are under total Western control, the political scientist believes. They are led by a collective Western hand, and if it lets them go they will fall. They have no self-reliance at all, Kurginyan stressed.

He compared the current Ukrainian authorities with their idol Bandera, who, although he was a rascal, had power and, in contrast to them, he spoke about some sort of independence. “He served Hitler, that’s right. Yes, he was a mean wretch, and I am not arguing against that, but he had certain message,” the political scientist noted.

This is a large state. What have they done with it? What have you done with your Ukraine – I cannot say ‘our’? he added.

The political scientist described a situation when “a very serious guy,” the head of the BlackRock fund, was visiting Ukraine. Larry Fink comes, and he buys the entire Ukraine, and not for $250 billion as Zelensky wanted, but for $10 billion at most, Kurginyan stressed.

According to Kurginyan, the Ukrainian authorities are not only helpless, but they are begging for money in the West. “Will Larry Fink give us some money? And who will? Will anyone give us money?” the political scientist showed how the Ukrainian authorities behave.

A criminal capitalism was built, and now it is plundering Ukraine, Kurginyan stressed.

This is good for Russia, but this is not something we should allow here, he noted. In Russia, at least there is a will to produce goods through capital turnover, the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency