Kurginyan: Russia must give a moderate but aggressive response to the USA

24.04.2024, Aleksandrovskoye.

In order to win in the confrontation with the West, which will escalate, Russia must reject its previous way of life and respond to the escalation, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and analyst Sergey Kurginyan said on April 8 on Belarusian channel BelTA.

The political scientist noted that Russia and Belarus have to begin a different life in order to withstand their confrontation with the West. In particular, their collective defense military system must ensure that the enemy will never dare to attack.

“Let it happen anywhere, be in with HAMAS, in Africa, in Eastern Asia, any place far away from us. Let us hold out in this threatening defensive condition for at least 50 years, and then the cards will be opened provided that the winner has reached a strategic benefit,” the leader of Essence of Time added.

Sergey Kurginyan reiterated that a different army, different security services and elites, a different society, and a different ideology are need to ensure such a benefit.

“An internal strategic message is necessary to base our work on. And all this is beyond everything that was prepared over 30 years, or even 50 years on a larger scale,” he explained.

However, Kurginyan noted that the previous era will not leave by itself; this process has to be initiated. Instead, attempts to stick to that era are made.

“What kind of a message is made within this attempt to stick to it? We will now win the classical war, these whimps will say in astonishment ‘let us divide the world’ and come to an agreement with us. We will visit Paris again etc., our families will reunite, and everything will be perfectly fine again,” the political scientist described the position of those who still hope for a chance to preserve the previous way of life.

Kurginyan stressed that this kind of scenario is impossible, and he explained that it is, first of all, the West that does not want this as it is escalating the situation. The political scientist noted that “we must respond to this irreversible escalation with a moderate, smart retaliatory escalation, which will neutralize the previous era, be it called integrationism (into the Western civilization – Rossa Primavera News Agency) or whatever, to start a fundamentally new one.”

In his opinion, we have 5-6 years for that at most, after which the escalation will become increasingly acute. However, according to the leader of Essence of Time, it will not be a nuclear war.

The political scientist explained that the USA will pursue a strategy of depressing various regions in order to raise its own position. To this end, it can allow Donald Trump’s presidency, and we should not hope that Trump “will surrender Ukraine to Russia.”

“Trump is another American imperialist, but he believes that he will start with strengthening the USA and cleaning it of various… aliens etc., and then a new, global ascension will begin,” the leader of Essence of Time said.

The political scientist specified that Trump will never give up the very idea of US domination, and besides he would be not allowed to do so. Therefore, Russia must not hope for Trump, but it must become stronger.

“We must understand that we are either a dangerous and strong element that would better be left alone, or we are an element to be eliminated and totally destroyed. There is no third option,” the leader of Essence of Time said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency