Kurginyan: To win, Russia must reasonably militarize

06.03.2023, Aleksandrovskoye, Russia

The country’s transition to reasonable militarization is a crucial factor for Russia, stated philosopher, analyst, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview with the Belorussian TV ONT channel.

The West will continue to supply weapons to Kiev, and it will do it slowly – “a teaspoon per hour,” according to the political scientist.

The decisive factor on the battlefield is our willingness to abandon the semi-peaceful past, put everything on a track of reasonable militarization , which includes training personnel, coordinating operations, and timely deliveries of sufficient quantities of equipment,” emphasized the Essence of Time leader.

As an example, Kurginyan cited the discussion about supplies of US Abrams tanks to Ukraine, where these tanks “burn just as well as any other items.”

The political scientist remarked that this is what should be done with the tanks supplied to Ukraine – burn them completely. In his opinion, in modern war is much more important training of soldiers, improvement of engineering constructions, equipment supplies, strengthening morale, and establishing interaction.

We have to work properly now, wake up, get out of this confusion, stop this inertia of existence and understand that yes, if we are not prepared, there may be trouble in summer, but if we are prepared, there may not be any,” said the political analyst.

F-16 fighters, which are also promised to be delivered to Kiev, will not be able to effectively resist the Russian aviation, for this purpose the latest F-35 planes will be needed, the analyst believes. According to him, Kiev will not receive such fighters in large numbers, including the fact that American pilots will have to be at the controls. And the population of the United States will be very sensitive to their deaths.

The first pilot like that, the first coffin that comes will cause screeching. And there will be a lot of coffins. No one will supply this equipment like that,” Kurginyan explained.

The great machinery” of the West is not as great as it is portrayed, the political scientist noted. He drew attention to the training of troops in the United States – establishing interaction, modeling situations.

Now we have to present much higher standards than theirs, and even more so than the Ukrainian ones. There is a competition in this field right now. We do not have the opportunity to lose a living force, as we lost, we should not – and cleverly do those who save it – but servicemen must be trained, trained and trained!” – Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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