A boy from Bryansk, who saved girls from attack by Ukrainian nationalists, underwent surgery

03.03.2023, Bryansk

The life of a boy from Bryansk, who hid first-grade girls from the attack of Ukrainian saboteurs, is not in danger, the press service of the Bryansk regional administration reported on March 3.

The press service assured that the 10-year-old schoolboy was airlifted from a hospital in the bordering district center of Klimovo to Bryansk, where medics extracted a bullet fired from a NATO firearm from the boy’s chest.

On May 2, Ukrainian nationalists attacked two villages in the Bryansk region in Russia. In one of the villages, the driver of one of the cars, who was taking the children to the school bus, was killed and a boy, 10-year-old Fedya, was wounded. Despite his injuries, the boy led two other girls into the woods to hide, and then managed to catch a ride and get to a safe distance where an ambulance was called for him.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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