French politician: The West finds it increasingly difficult to hide the failures of Ukrainian armed units

03.03.2023, Paris

The failures of the Ukrainian armed units are becoming increasingly difficult to hide in the West, François Asselineau, leader of the French Popular Republican Union party, wrote on his Twitter account on March 3.

The politician drew attention to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy’s words that to protect NATO from Russia, the USA would have to send “its sons and daughters” to the war.

“This statement demonstrates two facts: the Ukrainian army is losing its position in Bakhmut [Artemovsk – translator’s note]; Ukrainians understand that they are being used as cannon fodder,” Asselineau noted.

According to the politician, such a statement is fraught with a “fatal shot” for Zelensky, for which the US would immediately make Putin responsible.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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