Peru’s interior minister announces that police will not participate in March for Peace

03.01.2023, Lima.

The Peruvian National Police will not participate in the March for Peace called by President Dina Boluarte, Interior Minister Victor Rojas said. El Peruano informed on January 2.

Earlier, the citizens and organizations that protested against the coup d’état and overthrow of the legally elected President Pedro Castillo late last year, announced the resumption of protest activities starting from January 4. In this context, the Government decided to demonstrate that it had broad popular support the day before the opposition protests began.

The Peruvian National Police called on citizens to participate in this pro-government march, which caused a great scandal in civil society, as the call contradicted a constitutional norm that forbids security forces to participate in protests. The police therefore hastily removed the publication, but the popular reaction was unstoppable.

“Our intention was not to arrive there with political overtones, never a peace march has political overtones. Those who share the interpretation of some lawyers have that right, but please don’t misunderstand me, calling for a peace march does not mean any kind of struggle,” Rojas explained.

He noted, however, that police involvement in the rally was decided to be suspended “in the interest of continuing to maintain peace.” In addition, ahead of the upcoming protests that will begin on January 4, the minister assured that he has instructed the police to ensure that the rights of protesters are respected.

He also urged citizens to continue to follow the dialogue to resolve their basic demands. “If there is no dialogue with us, we will never understand each other. Dialogue is the only weapon, the only means to understand each other. Let us remain calm because we have all suffered,” he said.

For its part, the national police issued a statement confirming that it had been decided that the police would refrain from promoting public participation in March for Peace.

“Given the current political and social situation in the country, as well as the different views circulated on the matter and in order to avoid misunderstandings, it has been decided that Peruvian National Police officers will refrain from promoting active and organized community participation in events scheduled for Tuesday January 3, 2023,” the agency said.

On December 7, Peru witnessed a right-wing coup that ousted leftist leader Pedro Castillo, who was arrested and imprisoned after the announcement of the dissolution of Congress.

Congress, which impeached the legally elected President Castillo, appointed Prime Minister Dina Boluarte as President. This decision was immediately supported by the United States.

After the coup d’etat mass protests erupted in various regions of Peru resulting in 28 citizens killed. Protesters demanded the return of Castillo, the dissolution of Congress, the resignation of Boluarte and early elections.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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