Senator: Russia will provide indirect assistance to Serbia if conflict deteriorates

01.08.2022, Moscow.

If the situation between Serbia and Kosovo escalates, Russia will support Belgrade without entering the conflict, said Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, reports RIA Novosti on August 1.

On August 1, a ban on entry with Serbian license plates and documents was supposed to come into effect on the territory of Kosovo. Serbia warned that such a decision would lead to an increased tension in the region. On the night of July 31 to August 1, mass riots broke out in northern Kosovo, where Serbs are living. At the request of the US, Kosovo authorities have delayed the new entry rules for 1 month.

“This is very dangerous, this is in the middle of Europe, and it can end up to be a very sad situation, because there are NATO forces in Kosovo,” said the senator.

If the crisis intensifies, Russia will provide assistance to Serbia, confirmed the politician.

“We will not enter into a conflict, I think. But, we will definitely provide assistance to the Serbs if they ask for help. We have our cooperation agreement,” recalled Dzhabarov.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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