Macron condemned in Mali for pursuing neo-colonialist policy in Africa

01.08.2022, Bamako.

In Mali, the president of France was urged to stop pursuing a neo-colonialist policy, the Le Parisien French newspaper reported on August 1.

During his visit to the Republic of Guinea-Bissau during his African tour, on July 28 Macron spoke about the responsibility of the Organization of Western African Countries (CEDEAO) for the Malian people. He believes that this organization must help the Malians exercise their national sovereignty and create the conditions to effectively combat terrorist groups.

In response, on July 31 the Malian authorities demanded that the president of France stop following a neo-colonialist policy. Bamako also strongly condemned Macron’s hatred and slanderous speech accusing the Malian army of crimes against the Fulani (Fulbe) community.

According to the Malian transition government, these serious accusations made by the French leader amounted to the instigation of ethnic hatred in Mali. This was especially intolerable for Bamako in the context of the destruction of the social structure over the recent years of inter-community conflicts.

“The transitional government demands President Macron permanently abandon his neocolonial, paternalistic and patronising posture to understand that no one can love Mali better than Malians,” Spokesman of the government Colonel Abdoulaye Idrissa Maïga said on the public television.

It was important, meanwhile, that Macron should remember France’s negative role in the genocide of the Tutsi people in Rwanda, Spokesman Maïga noted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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