So what is happening to Germany's political elite?

23.05.2022, Berlin.

Judging by the polls and the results of regional elections, a change of political elites is looming in Germany. The generation of former Chancellor Angela Merkel, which also includes current Chancellor Olaf Scholz, is leaving the political scene.

It is the post-war generation that was wagering on peace and was willing to pay for it. Merkel sought and found compromises in many conflict situations, skillfully using her authority. Scholz is doing much worse, since he does not carry the weight in European politics that his predecessor did.

Besides, there are too many conflicts and contradictions in the world. But most importantly, with China’s growing economic power, the geopolitical balance has shifted too far, and the once united West risks losing its dominant position.

This is an era of change in which Scholz’s slowness looks like an unforgivable luxury in the eyes of a younger generation gripped by bellicose green ideology. Quite the contrary, the hyperactive German Foreign Minister Baerbock despite her obvious lack of competence is seen as a good example of a new-generation politician.

Add a little competence and tact to her hyperactivity and you have a good image of a leader who can lead the country into a “bright, green” future. Even if this future implies a sharp decline in living standards and the reformatting of people to new environmental standards.

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