Putin: Navalny has the backing of US intelligence services

17.12.2020, Moscow.

The so-called “investigations” of blogger Alexei Navalny are the legalization of US intelligence data, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on December 17 during his press conference.

Putin had previously been informed about Navalny’s materials, in which he accused FSB agents of surveillance and allegedly organized poisoning of the blogger by them.

“Listen: we understand perfectly well what this is,” the president said. “This is not an ‘investigation’ in any way, this is the legalization of US intelligence data. Don’t we know that they’re tracking the location or what? Yes, our intelligence services are well aware of this and know about this. Operatives of FSB and other security services know this. And they use the phones where they find it appropriate without hiding their location.”

Putin urged to consider what conclusions can be drawn from this reasoning. “If this is true, which it is, I assure you that this ‘patient in the Berlin clinic’ has the backing of the intelligence services in the United States. And if this is correct, then it is curious. Then the [Russian – Rossa Primavera News Agency’s editorial note] security service must keep an eye on him, of course,” the leader of the state says.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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