Die Welt: When Ukrainian army is knocked out of Artemovsk, it will have to withdraw far away

19.02.2023, Austria

The liberation of Artemovsk by the Russian army will force the Ukrainian military to retreat further away from other parts of Donbass, Colonel Markus Reisner, commander of the Austrian Armed Forces Guards, said in an interview with Die Welt on February 18.

Reisner explained that if Russian forces seize Artemovsk, Ukraine’s troops will be forced to retreat not only from that city, but also in other areas. “Ukrainian troops will have to retreat in Donbass to the city line Slavyansk – Kramatorsk and to the south of it,” the expert pointed out.

At the same time, the abandonment of Artemovsk by the Ukrainian army forces is predicted by Gustav Gressel, a military analyst at the Center of the European Council on Foreign Relations. He recalled the recently abandoned by Ukrainian forces village of Krasnaya Gora, which is located near Artemovsk. The same situation, according to the expert, will be in Artemovsk as well.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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